2017 - What can I say

It seems as though I often start out blog posts apologising for it being so long since I last blogged. Now the apology is out the way I can get to the matter at hand, 2017.

Thank you to everyone that had me along for the ride in 2017. I spread myself between London, Norfolk, Devon and the local counties. I shot in pubs, tents, village halls, and on a boat going down the thames. I was lucky enough to return to London Corinthia, Tythe Barn, Wrest Park, Notley Abbey, and Elmore Court. I was hugely fortunate to shoot in some new venues including, Voewood, St Stephens, Blackwell Grange, Woodland Weddings, Ocean Kave and my personal fave, Royal Hospital Chelsea.

Not only were the places a lot to take in but the people too, meeting some amazing faces and sharing in some of the funniest, and endearing moments. When you pull together your best bits it makes you realise you really have been a part of something so special. Despite the early stages of pregnancy hitting me during my busiest period I think I managed to conceal the sickness, fatigue, and copious amounts of gaviscon I drake, pretty well. With 32 weddings shot it was such a pleasure to deliver what I hope will be peoples most treasured memories.

I have to give a little shout out to my main cheerleader, Sally. She is here through it all, and works so damn hard in every aspect of the business. 2017 saw her first year of editing and she has gone from strength to strength. Putting up with my changing my mind and wanting a "different look" she delivered every wedding back to me looking beautiful and polished. This is a service we will be offering to other photographers soon, so watch this space. As well as all the office work and editing, Sally shot 15 weddings of her own, a fair few events, kids, and commercial, when I was busy. She shoots from her heart and comes up with stunning imagery every time.

My Family. Every Saturday you have waved me off with bundles of luck, safe journey wishes, texts of support, and a bulging packed lunch. I still get a little flutter of nerves when heading off to weddings, so its nice to have this little team backing me. I suffer with Mum guilt terribly, feeling like I work too much, or am not with Walt enough. Knowing the fun Daz and Walt have when I am not there, literlly keeps me going. I am so fortunate to have built this wonderful little business and been able to carry it on, and fulfill my creative needs through motherhood.

Although we are well into 2018, it felt right as I head off on a little maternity break, to sum up all things 'last year'. It really was another fabulous year and I can't wait to meet all the new couples in 2018. I will see you on the other side of baby number two, providing im not burried under a mountain of nappies somewhere.

Turn your volume up, sit back and enjoy 3 and a half minutes of what rocked my 2017.

Big Love

Over and Out (for now)