Kids Pricing

There is always so much importance put onto wedding photography but let's not forget the little people in our lives. The little moments that we are likely to forget, the little dimples, the chunky thighs, the smiles, the tantrums...........yes those too. My family photography covers it all. I come to your home, and spend up to two hours with the family. I want to capture you and your brood, the way in which you are connected, and your everyday.

Prices start at £75 and any of the following can be purchased

  • Bundles of digital files
  • Frames
  • Bespoke Albums

I also shoot a series of mini sessions twice a year (one in Spring and another in Winter). This expercience is half an hour with me on location, and includes: 5 digital files. Costing £125, it's a way in which you can get your brood photographed every year and catch all the important milestones. To be in the loop for announcement dates, please visit my facebook page. Sessions usually sell out very fast.